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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remain our top priority. We’re committed to being there when our customers and colleagues need us most. Here’s how we’re responding.

“We are all in this together"

Supporting our Customers

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of life here in Ireland, and internationally.

We know it as a time of great uncertainty and concern for you and your loved ones, as it is for all of us in Irish Oxygen also.

To support the country’s efforts in tackling Covid-19, our team are focused on delivering our services and maintaining your business, and the necessary contingency measures for those services during current and future phases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout this, we are guided at all times by the advice of our healthcare professionals, to whom we all owe such a debt.

Supporting our Staff

Without our wonderful, loyal and hardworking staff Irish Oxygen would not exist. We couldn't have survived and thrived over the last 71 years without such loyalty and dedication. We have endeavored to protect and support all of our staff during this pandemic. We are a small close-net team, with a culture of supporting one another. This has been especially important during this time. We have also ensured that all government guidelines are adhered to, such as social distancing in the workplace, hand hygiene, etc.

Supporting the HSE

Irish Oxygen is a listed supplier of Medical Gases to the HSE. In February 2020 we reached out to HSE to offer our support in dealing with the COVID- 19 pandemic. We made all of our resources available to the HSE in this regard. This was done purely from an ethical point of view, and not a commercial one, which was acknowledged by the HSE and Government Procurement. Thankfully the full extent of these resources were not needed, and Covid- 19 has been contained for now. However we remain committed to supporting the HSE, should a resurgence occur.

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